I Negotiate With Bandits Is Not A Sign of Weakness

Negotiating With Bandits Is Not A Sign of Weakness - Gov Ahmad Bello Metawalle

1. I Negotiate With Bandits Is Not A Sign of Weakness

I Negotiate With Bandits Is Not A Sign of Weakness

Read the Promising Statement gov Of Zamfara Made on Bandits.

The Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, has stated that negotiating with bandits is not a sign of failure.

Governor Matawalle made this statement on Monday, February 22, because of three repentant bandits who took theirselves in by surrending their weapons and

embracing the gov’s administration’s peace deal.

“For Someone to initate a dialogue, dose not show sign of failure or weakness. Rather sign of Strenght and understanding because nowhere in the world is

succeeding without coming to the table to sit down and negotiate with the current situation.

Today, we have the bandits weapon’s. Which shows sign of maturity and strenght, not weaknesses. Imaging leaving this kind of weapons in the hands of bandits,

this alone can cause great havoc in the state. but however, some of those weapons are under our control.

Those bandits turning themselves in, and we bringing them and their weapons to the agencies has not only reduced their ability but also their capacity.

Not negotiating and allowing this weapons to go round communities, states and cross-border, is what has made Nigeria to be in hot seat as of today. ”Gov Matawalle stated.

As we know Zamfara and all northern states are seriously suffering from the hands of bandits, however in my own opinion i don’t think this is a great idea.

This bandits should be apprehended, their weapons confiscated. Not to make any deal. So in My opinion i think its a sign of weakness, it shows The Zamfara

state government cannot handle the bandits.

Well i also want to know what you are thinking, i mean your opinion, Is it truly a wise decision, is is a show of strenght or weakness.

Please drop your comments in the comment box section Lets discuss this issue and also get others people input.


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