Extra9ja is owned and designed by Adegbola Olasunkanmi Valentine, An Industrial

Maintenance Engineer. Studied at yaba College Of Technology (YABATECH).


Extra9ja however maybe linked to external sources, eg: Sponsored post, Affiliate Marketing, Ads and so much more. But it doesn’t

limit the purpose of the website which is to create a fun based community, news updates, music grooves and so much that we

can offer. Our purpose of delivering fresh and rated contents to the community still stands and can not be shaken. provided

that is the main reason this website existed.


Extra9ja is a multi user website that is, More than one person is running the website. To promote and improve the website and

deliver UNLIMITED ENTERTAINMENT which is our Watchword a lot of user roles has to be in place.


The identity of our Staffs can be made known as be believe in plain context, honesty and trustworthiness however,

should not be used anyhow, or any threats assigned.


Extra9ja logos and Trademarks are practically and officially Extra9ja’s own and should not be copyrighted or duplicated.

if found will result in a  very bad issue.


All logos and trademarks of external sources belongs to them not us, and not in any way taking part of any arising issues related

to external contents issues.



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